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Keyboard Korg M50 61


spesifikasi Detil
Sound Engine Type (s) ROM
Jumlah Keys 61
Jenis Tombol Semi-tertimbang
Lain Controller Joystick
Polyphony 80 Catatan
Gelombang Memori 256MB
Jumlah Presets 640 Program Sound, 512 Combis, 256 GM, 9 GM2 Kit Drum
Ekspansi Ekspansi Tidak ada
Jumlah Efek 170
Efek Jenis Reverb, Chorus, EQ, Kompresi, Menguasai, dll
arpeggiator Ya



Specification ;    
• Keyboard: 61 keys, sensitive to attack velocity and channel aftertouch.
• Polyphony: 62 voices (in single mode, 31 in double mode), 68 notes maximum with EXB MOSS board installed.
• Multitimbrality: eight parts in Combi mode, 16 parts in Sequencer mode.
• Built-in waveform ROM: 32Mb (425 multisamples, 413 drum samples), at 48kHz sample rate.
• Waveform ROM expansion: two slots, each allowing a 16Mb to be fitted (a total of five different expansion boards are now available).
• Synthesis system: HI (Hyper Integrated) sample-based subtractive synthesis.
• Programs: 640 user-programmable memories (384 pre-loaded), 128 more (Bank F) when EXB MOSS is installed, 256 GM2 soundbank-compatible General MIDI sounds (Bank G).
• Combinations: 768 user-programmable memories (384 pre-loaded).
• Drum Kits: 64 user kits (16 pre-loaded), nine GM2 soundbank-compatible General MIDI ROM kits.
• Effects: five Insert effects (stereo in/out), two Master effects (mono in/stereo out) and one Master EQ (three-band stereo) usable simultaneously. 102 insert effects and 89 Master effects are available, with dynamic modulation of selected effects parameters.
• Sequencer: 16 timbres and 16 tracks, plus one master track, with a maximum storage capacity of 200,000 events, a maximum resolution of 192ppqn, 200 songs, a RPPR (real-time Pattern Play/Record) function. KARMA, Triton and SMF formats are supported.
• Song Play mode: 16 timbres, with 16 tracks. SMF formats 0/1 supported.
• KARMA functions: see separate box.
• Disk drive: 3.5-inch floppy, with System Exclusive load/save capability.
• Real-time Controls (non-KARMA): joystick, switches 1 & 2, Real-time Control knobs with A/B select switch.
• Display: 240 x 64 pixel backlit LCD window.
• Rear-panel connectors: power switch, power socket to internal PSU, Main Left and Right audio outs, two aux outs, footswitch and footpedal ins, sustain pedal in, MIDI In, Out, Thru.
• Front-panel connector: Headphone out.
• Dimensions: 1100mm (W) x 320mm (D) x 119mm (H).
• Weight: 10kg.

Keyboard KORG PA50 

Keyboard     61 keys with Velocity
System     OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) Technology – Multitasking, Load while play feature – Operative System upgradable from SD card – SSD Solid State Disk
Tone Generator     KORG HI Synthesis (Hyper Integrated Synthesis System) –
62 Voices, 62 Oscillators – Filters with Resonance
Effects     4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect systems – 89 Effects types
Programs-Drum Kits     More than 660 Programs (including Stereo Piano and GM Level 2 Programs) + 33 Drum Kits. 128 User Programs + 64 User Drum Kits – Program & Drum Kit Full Edit
Styles     256 Styles + 48 User Styles in Solid State Disk. All reconfigurable – 8 Accompaniment Tracks. All Style Performances are programmable (included 4 Single Touch Settings for each Style). Direct SD card play feature. Style Record & Edit, Event Edit, Step Edit. Compatible with "i-series" Style Format. Styles Controls: 4 Variations, 2 Fills, 2 Intros, 2 Endings, Counter In/Break, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Fade In/Out, Bass Inversion, Manual Bass, Tempo Lock, Memory, Accompaniment Volume, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Single Touch
Performance/STS     160 Realtime Performance locations + 304 Styles Performances (that contains 4 Single Touch Settings each for a total of 1216 Single Touch Settings)
Realtime Tracks     Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower) - 4 Pad tracks
Song Play     Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer player - 2 Sequencers with separate Start/Stop, Pause, << (Rewind) and >> (Fast Forward) controls - Balance control - Lyrics data are displayed on-screen - Jukebox function - SMF Direct Player (formats 0 and 1)
Song     Record & Edit functions (Transpose, Cut/Insert, Delete, Quantize, Copy, Velocity, Event Edit, Step Record) - Easy Sound Edit - 4 Effects – 16 tracks – SMF format
Backing Sequence     Real Time Record - Chord/Acc Step Record & Step Edit - 16 tracks – SMF format
Multi Pad     4 Assignable (Sound & Functions) Pads + Stop Button
General Controls     Master Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Split Point, Style Change, Tracks Volume, Quarter Tone Function, Programmable Slider, Joystick, Dial
Control Inputs     Damper Pedal, Assignable Pedal/Switch
Audio Output     Left/Mono, Right, Headphones
Audio Input     Left/Mono, Right, (Line Input)
MIDI     In, Out, Thru
Media     SD Card slot
Display     Backlit Custom LCD
Amplification     2 x 15 Watt
Speakers     2 Speakers in Bass-Reflex Box
Consumption     30 Watt
Dimensions     1054 / 41.5" (W) x 393 / 15.47" (D) x 150 / 5.91" (H) mm / inch without music stand
Weight     11.25 kg / 24.8 lbs
Accessories     Manual, AC Power Adapter, Music Stand


Korg Triton ST61CD
* Lightning-fast CPU
* TouchView interface
* 61 synth-action keys
* Burn audio CDs right on the unit
* 429 multisamples
* 417 drum samples
* Powerful polyphonic arpeggiators
* 16MB stereo acoustic piano
* Room for up to 7 PCM expansion boards
* Expands to 96MB of sample RAM
* 1,536 program locations of user-writable memory
* Mono/stereo 16-bit sampling at 48kHz
* Sampling in Program, Combination, and Sequencer modes
* Internal resampling/signal processing
* 16MB onboard sampling RAM
* Sample directly to the internal hard drive
* 6 channels of audio I/O
* Realtime pattern play and recording
* Versatile sequencing with extensive editing capabilities
* Multiple controller types

Keyboard Korg X50 61


Tone Generator:
-- HI (Hyper Integrated) sound engine

-- 48 kHz sampling frequency

-- 64 MB PCM ROM

-- 470 multisamples + 518 drumsamples

Keyboard: 61-key, velocity sensitive

-- 62 voices, 62 oscillators (in single mode)

-- 31 voices, 62 oscillators (in double mode)

Effect Section:
-- Stereo digital multi effect system - all can be used simultaneously

-- 2 Master Effects (mono in, stereo out)

-- 1 Insert Effect (stereo in/out)

-- 1 Master Effect (3-band stereo)

Number of Effect Types: 89 (available for Insert Effect and Master Effects)

Programs, Combinations, Multi-sets, Drumkits:
-- 512 user Programs (512 preloaded)

-- 384 user Combinations (384 preloaded)

-- 128 user Multi sets (16 preloaded)

-- 40 user Drumkits (16 preloaded)

-- GM sound map compatible - 128 programs + 9 GM2 drum kits (ROM)

Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiator:
-- Two arpeggiators, useable simultaneously in Combination and Multi Modes, one arpeggiator can be used in Program Mode

-- 5 preset, 251 user arpeggio patterns (251 preloaded)

-- pitch bend wheel

-- modulation wheel

-- Realtime controls knob 1~4

-- Audition key

-- Category key

Display: 240 x 64 dots LCD with backlight, graphical user interface



-- Headphones

Control Inputs:
-- damper (half-pedaling supported)

-- assignable switch

-- assignable pedal

MIDI: In, Out

USB: type B connector (transmits MIDI only)

Power Supply: DC 12 V

Current Consumption: 12 Watts

Dimensions: 38.39" (W) x 10.12" (D) x 3.15" (H), 975 (W) x 257 (D) x 80 (H) mm

Weight: 9.48 lbs./4.3 kg

Included Items: AC adapter, CD-ROM (X50 Editor, X50 Plug-In Editor and KORG USB-MIDI Driver software)

Windows system requirements to connect via USB:
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/x64 Edition

Supported Computer: computer with USB port and the ability to run
supported OS

*Driver software for Windows XP x64 Edition is

Macintosh system requirements to connect via USB:
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Supported Computer: Apple Macintosh with USB port and the ability to
run supported OS

Note: USB MIDI has been tested and works under Rosetta and Universal Binary on Intel-based Macs, using the standard Class Compliant driver. In this case, however, Port Names will be shown as generic names like Port 1, Port A etc. instead of the product name.

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